5 Great Ways Animation Can Connect With Your Customers Remotely

Recent times have seen a global shift towards all things online and remote.

With people all across the world having to live their lives separated from others, and with companies not able to reach their key demographics and potential customers in the more traditional ways, standing out online is more important than ever. But in the highly-competitive digital world, this can prove remarkably challenging.

That’s where animation comes in!

Animation is one of the most vibrant, engaging, and versatile art forms — and it is perfect for online usage.

The move online, or towards more remote activity, can make communicating and connecting difficult. But it doesn’t have to be this way! In this article, we explore five great ways you can use animation to connect with your customers online — bringing them greater value, positivity, and sense of community.

Host Live-Streamed Events

Live-streamed events — especially when conducted through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitch — can be a great way to engage your customers and connect with them in real-time.

Q&As, tutorials on how to make the most of a product or service, and interviews with industry experts, are all popular and effective choices for a live-streamed event. This will help to engage your customers, show them your real-life presence, and inform them about the products and services you offer.

For an added way to stand out, why not use a live animated character that can be made to sync up with your speaker — as if answering questions on their behalf!

Use Social Media Campaigns

While many businesses have recognised the power and usefulness of social media in their business, they are still crafting individual posts and images, as opposed to coherent marketing campaigns.

A social media campaign is a more coordinated effort than simply publishing individual posts and unconnected content. Forming a campaign often involves creating several complimentary posts all on a single topic, that are then published across multiple platforms. This can be a great way to focus in more depth on a particular product or service that you offer, and the problems it solves.

You could even go for maximum audience engagement by using a mascot or animated character to keep your audience entertained. Or if you really want to go the extra mile, you could even create an entire short animated series about your work and how it helps people, that customers could revisit again and again!

Try Something Different!

Many businesses are discovering that a great way to stand out and connect with their audience is as simple as trying something different! The online marketplace can be crowded — even oversaturated — and remote work can also feel distant and monotonous at times.

Content that is eye-catching and unique — such as animation — can be highly refreshing and engaging for your audience.

Animation comes in a variety of styles and characters. The only limit is your imagination. You can create an animated puppet or character that is on-brand with your business and which suits your target demographic — whether that’s younger viewers in education, professional colleagues in need of a mascot, or anything else in between.

Create Wellbeing-Focused Content

The shift towards remote working and more isolated living has also led to increased awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues — both at home and at work.

Creating wellbeing-centred content for your customers is a great way to engage them, help them, and show them that your business is trying to improve their lives and bring them genuine benefits.

Animated characters are an engaging and non-intimidating way to broach topics such as mental health and wellbeing at school or in the workplace. They are approachable and memorable, which is ideal for reminding people about good habits and positive culture in a friendly way.

Hold Conferences And Awards

Online conferences and awards are a great way to bring your community together — especially since they can be held remotely! Online conferences can also be highly inclusive, as they don’t require any travel and reduce any issues of limited accessibility.

Additionally, they can offer a break in the normal routine, and provide the perfect way to build a network, make connections, and celebrate the successes in your industry.

Many businesses have used animation to add a level of gloss and liveliness to their events — whether with animated slides, video content, or even animated hosts and presenters!

With a creative approach and some knowledgeable professionals on hand, you can use animation in a wide variety of ways to connect with your audience — no matter how far away they are.

Written By: Digital Puppets

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