5 Skills You’ll Need To Thrive in the 2020s Workplace

The workplace is changing. We’ve just entered a new decade, and that could mean dramatic shifts — both personally and professionally.

Recent years have seen rapid and significant changes in the workplace, including greater globalisation, the move towards digital services and new technology, and a huge growth in self-employment.

More workers are carving out titles and roles for themselves that never existed before; creating career paths entirely on their own terms.

But whether you run your own business, have ambitions to climb the ladder in your chosen company, or are somewhere in between, there are still a variety of skills you’ll need going forward.

This article outlines some of the key skills in the workplace that have seen a massive growth in importance over recent years, with this trend expected to continue throughout the coming decade.

Social Media Savviness

Social media has seen meteoric growth in popularity and usage in recent years. But it’s no longer just about sharing personal lives and staying in touch.

It has become a crucial business growth tool, and can be used effectively to drive sales, connect with customers, give ‘behind the scenes’ glimpses, run special offers and more.

Knowing your way around social media platforms — or at least how they can be used in business — is sure to give you a competitive advantage in the 2020s workplace.

Emotional Intelligence

Gone are the days when management meant stuffy suits, intimidation, and pushing people into doing as they were told. (At least, we all hope so.)

A new wave of workplace wellbeing, people skills, and empathy is expected to be emphasised. The workplace is commonly where we spend the most significant amount of our time, and how we are made to feel when we’re there can profoundly affect our health and wellbeing.

With mental health issues affecting millions of people in the UK, and with awareness and understanding of these problems being higher than ever before, the workplace of the 2020s looks set to encourage consideration, communication, and emotional sensitivity.

This can also be especially important in the increasingly globalised workplace, where cross cultural understanding is crucial.


The 2020s are expected to be years of rapid growth, change, and diversity. There is perhaps no greater skill, then, than adaptability.

This may not have to mean changing your entire business or product, but perhaps thinking about new ways that it can be used, or fresh angles which will allow you to reach more people.

Flexibility — especially in the ways that we think — could be the difference between successful and struggling businesses in the 2020s. See change as opportunity, and you will already be at a major advantage.


Teaching has been flagged in a number of studies as a declining skill in the workplace. Many workers are familiar with their own roles — and excel in them — but would be unable to pass those skills on to others.

Teaching is now the new leadership; empowering others to lead in the future. With paid coaching and mentoring on the rise — especially for those seeking more professional opportunities — teaching is not only a valuable skill in the workplace, it is a growing business in itself.


Working remotely, handling freelance projects, or making the most of erratic work hours, is on the rise. This means that greater levels of discipline, self-awareness and self-management are needed than ever before.

Do you know how you work best, what gives you the greatest job satisfaction, and how to get the best performance from yourself? Those who do, are in the best position to capitalise on the changing work environment — and make it work for them.

Productivity skills, as well as minimising distractions, and working ‘smarter, not harder’ will all be key for the changing workplace, whatever your industry.

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