Bored Of Working From Home? Consider Co-Working!

After what felt like an endless period of lockdown and restrictions, most of us are in need of a change of scenery.

If you’re a freelancer, a small start-up, or are currently working from home, have you considered finding a COVID-19 safe workspace to change up your routine? If so, co-working or using a virtual office could be the perfect solution for you!

Why Co-Working?

Co-working is a great way to access a shared community of collaboration, learning and sustainability. It minimises business costs by offering shared, flexible, and financially sustainable working spaces, equipped with all the modern-day working essentials, including high speed Wi-Fi internet, meeting rooms, desk spaces, and downtime areas. But most importantly, co-working spaces are catalyst hubs that inspire productivity in central locations, acting as incubators for individuals and businesses.

These spaces are ideal for small business owners, remote workers, and freelancers, who enjoy being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

With many professionals working from home post-COVID, you may be struggling to adapt to this new way of working. By joining a co-working space, you become part of a small business community, and have the chance to meet new people who may be able to offer fresh insights, advice, support, and inspiration – possibly even fostering new business collaborations!

Or perhaps you just want to get away from the dining table, change your scenery, and get back into a professional environment.

If you need access to office space outside of business hours, ensure you look for a centre that provides 24/7 access, with a secure and permanent space where you can leave your belongings.

You’ll finish the workday with that familiar luxurious feeling of being ready for the next day, saving you the hassle of taking everything home. Some spaces also include a multitude of convenient amenities, such as shared kitchens, great coffee, and relaxing communal spaces.

And if you commute to work by running or cycling, or enjoy a fitness break during your lunch hour, convenient shower facilities may also be available.

If you’re currently working for a business with a ‘work from home’ policy, you might even be able to ask for financial support from your employer to fund co-working days.

Virtual Offices, Real Benefits

Alternatively, if you’re looking to grow your business into new areas, or are seeking an alternative to office space, which doesn’t have any of the physical office costs, then perhaps virtual office services might be more appealing to you.

Virtual offices enable you to register your office with a reputable business address – further enhancing the legitimacy and professionalism of your business, and increasing the visibility of your brand.

Once you register for a virtual office, you can still be part of the community and have access to various additional products and services offered by the office provider.

Some providers may have credits to on-site facilities (such as meeting rooms) included in their virtual office package, so you can meet with clients at your accredited business address.

In these times of adapting and learning how to navigate the ‘new normal’, why not explore your options to grow your business, meet like-minded people, and enjoy the benefits of working in a professional environment?

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