Case Study: The Power of POSITIVITY

I am a Clinical Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, and I met Lee Randall-Pybus by chance in the early part of 2019, at a (very) quiet Wellbeing Fair, while he was exhibiting at a stand that had absolutely nothing to do with either Your Partnerships, or networking.

It just goes to show that opportunities can arise when you least expect them!

I met Lee again in August 2019 to discuss membership for Your Partnerships. Networking was something I wasn’t keen on, due to past events that I had attended, but Lee assured me that this was different. Still not convinced, I attended a few events and realised that Your Partnerships was what I was looking for.

Everyone was very welcoming and friendly, so I signed up. Since then, business opportunities have come my way from the lovely members.

During lockdown, I made my business online-only, and all the networking events moved online too. I continued to attend where I could, getting to grips with this new way of life.

It was then, that Lee asked me if I would be a Speaker, giving a 10-minute presentation on one of the Your Partnership online events, and I agreed.

I was asked to give it a title, and without thinking, called it ‘The Power of Positivity’, thinking this would be an appropriate topic in this unsettling time.

The presentation was well received and provoked questions, which was fantastic, and this inspired me to make a video of the presentation later that day, and post it on social media.

Little did I know that this would create such public interest, that my video would receive nearly 1000 views. 

"By reducing stress, we think clearly, and through clear thinking, we see all the opportunities that come our way."

The next day, I received a message from a Head of Department at South Devon College, asking for permission to show my video to all their staff during their Mental Health Awareness week.

Of course, I agreed, as it was a fantastic opportunity for me to get in front of so many people to promote my business, outline the power of positivity, and explain how it can change lives for the better.

I have also been taken up on my offer to give a presentation to the team on their staff development days.

Thank you for the opportunity, Lee.

Written By: Charlotte King

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