Digital Puppets: Are They The Future?

What Exactly Are Digital Puppets?

Where once a team of animators would spend days, weeks, or months creating a cartoon, animating all the different movements of a character, one frame at a time, now it is possible to make lengthy and attention grabbing animations within a couple of hours, or even live in real-time! 


With Digital Puppets, you create all of the motions, expressions, lip syncs and other animations which bring a character to life, then embed them into a single puppet, ready to be operated by motion capture. 


Then, once a puppet is made, you simply sit down in front of a normal webcam and talk. 


The puppet will follow your head motions, blink when you blink, talk when you talk, and with the press of a button, you can trigger the puppet to show emotions or make movements which have been built into the character. 

So What's The Point Of A Digital Puppet?

We live in an age where we are bombarded with adverts. 

Everywhere we look online, there are ads in the newsfeed, down the sides of the page, between paragraphs, or before a video that we want to watch. Due to the colossal amount of marketing thrown at us, we tune most of it out, ignoring it completely. For example, when you walk down the street, almost every van that drives past will have some signage on it, but how many of them do you remember, days afterwards?

None of them, probably. But if one of those vans had a big cartoon face on it, that would capture your attention; that one you would remember. 

Social media is now the dominant online platform, and cartoons are a great way to stand out; they are a foot in the door, getting people’s attention just long enough for you to communicate your message to them. However, gone are the days when one expensive explainer video is enough. Online, people expect to see fresh new content, daily. 

If your followers are presented with the same video every single day, it would not be a surprise to be unfollowed, and creating animations was expensive; they could cost thousands of pounds to produce, so generating continuous content would be unrealistic for your average business, until now.

With a Digital Puppet, content can be created quickly and often, and there is no reason why you could not make your own content for free, since the puppets are so simple to use. Characters can pop up in short, easily consumable videos, where they can quickly inform viewers of your latest business news, promotions and offers. 

Characters can also livestream on platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, where they could interact with followers in real-time, answering questions from existing or potential customers, thus helping to create a great rapport.

Today, we experience not only the world that is around us, but also the digital one, and cartoon characters are a great way to represent your business. Advertisers have used characters in marketing campaigns for a very long time, and to great effect, but where once the use of animated characters was only realistic for big corporations, they are now available to anyone who wants to be represented by memorable cartoons.

Digital Puppets is an animation studio based in Torquay, which is run by brothers Scott and Antony Evans. To date, they have worked for studios such as Cartoon Network, international companies like Adobe Inc., and numerous businesses and Youtubers, based all around the world.

The duo specialise in real-time and interactive character design, which can be used for marketing and social media content. They either custom create brand-new cartoon characters, or replicate and turn existing licensed characters into Digital Puppets.

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