Hayley Helps: A Myriad Of Questions Answered

This edition of QUAY Magazine focuses on collaborations and co-working. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

We have spent the last 15 months working from home in whatever space we could find.

Some of us have created an amazing space to work from that doesn’t require you to leave your own premises, while others have had to work from their bedrooms, trying to hide from screaming children and needy animals while sitting on Zoom, looking ‘all business’ on top, and pyjama party underneath.

How many of you just shuddered at the thought of carrying on with that? I know I did. So, for this edition of Hayley Helps, let’s explore the options in terms of working space.

When Should I Leave Home?

Knowing when to leave the home office behind and move into a dedicated space can be difficult.

There are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to make the change. These include:

• Running out of space
• Needing to hire more staff
• Holding lots of face-to-face meetings with clients
• Feeling isolated
• Struggling to focus on work

If several of these are familiar to you, perhaps you should start looking to move into an office.

Even if you can only tick one or two points off this list, start researching your options anyway, as you may well find that your needs require a co-working space soon enough.

About Co-Working

Co-working spaces have become increasingly popular over the last 5 years or so. These are workplaces created for freelancers and employees who usually work from home – however, they offer so much more
than that.

Co-working spaces are built to generate a sense of community, collaboration, and inclusion. You can rock up to the space, sit down, and work in a fully-serviced, highly productive environment.

Then, you can network with others in the workspace, develop contacts, and exchange knowledge. This makes co-working spaces great for professionals who want to escape the isolation of working from home.

Prices for co-working space can start from £75 a month, and you will usually have the option of requesting your own dedicated desk to work from, if this is something you require.

About Hotdesking

Hotdesking is similar to co-working, except you do not have the option of a dedicated space to work from every time.

Hotdesking is popular in serviced office buildings where not all the offices have been rented out. You can simply go to the company with the spare office space on offer, and they will assign you a desk in an empty office.

You can normally choose to pay for either a full day or a half-day’s worth of desk space. Be aware though that hotdesks may only be available during the office’s normal working hours, which may restrict the times you
can work.

Hotdesk prices usually start from £25 per day, but I know the QUAY Magazine team are currently offering affordable, high-quality hotdesking and co-working space in their beautiful offices for just £10 per day, with all bills included and lightning-fast internet speeds on offer. So get in touch with them if you want to enjoy a great value hotdesking space in the centre of Torquay!

About Serviced Offices

The next option is the serviced office. This is an office that is ready to go – you can just turn up with any equipment you have and off you go!

There should be a communal kitchen in the building and all the bills will be included in your rental price.

Some serviced offices have gyms and showers for their tenants, while others have their own bars. This means serviced offices can provide a good atmosphere for yourself and your team, especially if this is your first time moving into a professional working environment.

Prices for serviced offices start from around £140 per month per person.

About Commercial Office Space

The traditional method of finding commercial office space to rent is still a popular choice for more established businesses that have 5-8 team members and above. 

However, there will be a lot of costs for the initial set-up, such as interior design, furnishings, utilities, and fixtures & fittings.

These costs are the main reason there has been such a big rise in alternative office spaces over the past few years. However, you shouldn’t discount this type of office space if you are anticipating significant growth over the next 6-12 months, as you will be able to get a larger space for a better price than you could with a serviced office.

Plus, hiring commercial office space gives you the chance to put down roots in a workplace big enough for you to not outgrow it in the near future.

The prices of renting a building or office space from a landlord will vary depending on the size, area, and location, so make sure you do your research!

The Options Are Endless

There is no right or wrong way to work, but everyone is unique and will have their preferred methods.

Personally, I am one of those people who likes to work in different places, so I co-work a lot. I have a dedicated co-working space as a base, then work elsewhere on certain days. My favourite places to work are on the beach during warm sunny days, or in the park when it’s the school holidays.

Ask Hayley

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Article by Hayley Smith of Myriad Services

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