Hello From… Paignton Chamber Of Commerce

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘in at the deep end’? Well, that is certainly what happened to me when I took over as Chair of Paignton Chamber of Commerce from 1st April 2020.

What a time to start!

Since then, we have been informing members and non-members alike on the available Government initiatives, to help not just with their business needs, but also with their wellbeing as individuals. To this end, we set up a Coronavirus Facebook page specifically to help.

We raised funds for PPE (I didn’t even know what this was before March!), as there was such a shortage, especially in the care community.

We then donated the money raised to South Devon College, so they could use it to purchase the supplies needed to make face masks with 3d printers. We are now working not only with South Devon College, but also the council, Torbay Development Agency, Torbay Business Forum, and the Torquay and Brixham Chambers, on helping to get the economy open and thriving in the near future.

With a focus on keeping business local, we hope to inspire a whole regeneration programme for Torbay, which will help us get through the coming economic crisis.

Already, our breakfast meetings have moved online, taking place twice a month to keep local businesses connected and working together. Not bad progress for such a short space of time!

And what do we intend to do next?

Carry On and Stay Positive! 

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