Here’s What Happens When A Team Comes Together!

In Torquay, local businesses often collaborate to support others using their specialist skills, knowledge, and experience. In 2020, as the effects of the pandemic hit far and wide and many local businesses struggled to stay afloat, this assistance proved vital.

For many, COVID-19 was a disaster. For others in more fortunate positions, it demonstrated the importance of reacting to a shifting marketplace, while paying special attention to goals, branding, and a strong online presence.

Be Vocal, Spend Local!

With this in mind, Rehan Uddin, owner of the Bombay Express restaurant in Torquay, aspired to shake out the old and bring in the new.

Many saw the pandemic as a setback. But Rehan instead saw an opportunity to be seized; a quiet time to re-evaluate business goals and adapt to the changing environment by using the input of a team of professionals experienced in creating up-to-the-minute media and branding.

This team consisted of (left to right):

Demi Keenan – Interior Design
Poppy Jakes –
Brand Photography
Rowena Fernando – Social Media
Eleanor Stafford – Creative Design

Together, they were all keen to create a new and updated look for one of the most beloved Indian restaurants in Torbay.

Demi jumped at the opportunity, redesigning the interior of the restaurant based on a British Colonial influence. Demi’s vision was of a sophisticated, fresh, contemporary style that brought the colonial elements into the modern-day age.

However, achieving the larger goals required polishing up the restaurant from the inside out, and from offline to online. Branding, styling, social media marketing and web design – there was much to be done to update the restaurant’s image!

Enter The Digital Creatives

No refurbishment is complete without beautiful photos to express the customer journey and showcase their message to the world! Being a branding photographer, Poppy Jakes jumped at the opportunity to support a local business and help create a fresh image for them. Working together, she and Demi infused flavours into not just the food, but throughout the restaurant’s atmosphere and branding.

Poppy was brought in to create photos for the branding across social media and for Bombay Express’ redesigned website – which was being built by Eleanor Stafford of QUAY Media.

Poppy created a bank of on-brand, unique, and bespoke images which elevated the business’ online aesthetic. The colours were designed around the textures used by Demi in the redesign and refurbishment of the restaurant, to create a coherent and consistent overall brand.

Eleanor also had a strong part to play in the branding, designing all the online and printed marketing materials. These included the menus, loyalty cards, invites, and other brand assets. Eleanor’s work also provided a great guideline for the social media content, and for Bombay Express’ swanky new website.

The final member of our team of local business heroes was social media specialist Rowena Fernando. Rowena took over the management of all Bombay Express’ social media channels, seeing the potential to re-engage their audience while showcasing the core values and beliefs behind the restaurant’s new brand.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

On this project, the creative team of Demi, Eleanor, Rowena, and Poppy showed the power of collaboration by working together to fulfil their client’s brief, and were able to bring to life a bold new brand for Bombay Express that would communicate the restaurant’s values, ethos, and atmosphere – both online and offline.

Article by Rowena Fernando and Holly Jackson

“It has been a huge advantage to have everything that a digital-age business needs all in one place. I have saved time and money, and am now in pole position for continued success. The team comes highly recommended.”

Rehan Uddin Owner of Bombay Express

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