How Can Working With A Charity Benefit Your Business?

The question is often asked, what can a business do for a charity? But how about we turn that around and ask, what can a charity do for your business?

Whether you are a large business with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, or a small business just looking to make connections, there are many ways that partnering with a charity can benefit you.

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

CSR is more than simply donating to charity. It is about showing initiative to deliver a positive impact on society and your local community. 

This can include:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Ensuring that everyone involved in your business – from customers to suppliers – is treated fairly
  • Donating to charity, supporting local projects, and helping the area to thrive

Businesses that decide to partner with charities show their stakeholders that they are committed to corporate philanthropy – but these donations don’t have to be financial! Instead, they could be donations of time, experience, or knowledge.

There are many benefits of CSR to businesses too.

For example, as a society we are becoming more socially responsible, so it would make sense that consumers preferred businesses that follow this ethos. Supporting the right charity can also be an effective means of improving employee relations and fostering better morale.

Creating Corporate Partnerships

A charity-corporate partnership is a relationship between a business and a charity where they work together for mutual benefit. 

As a business, you want the charity’s target audience to be one you would like to reach – and the charity will expect the same. But charities have every right not to partner with a business if it goes against what they stand for.

For example, a charity supporting those with alcohol addiction will not want to partner with a gin company, while a lung cancer charity would not partner with a tobacco company. 

You will also need to understand what it is you want from the charity, how much you want to spend (if anything), and how you will work with them. 

There will be many ways you could support the charity. These include:

• Volunteering

•Gifts in kind

•Sponsorship of events, equipment, or staff

•Matching staff donations to the charity

•Holding fundraising events

•Donating a percentage of your sales

When you approach a charity for a partnership, they will want to ask you some questions that you should have asked yourself before your approach. 

For instance, does your business conflict with the charity’s values? Or could having a relationship with your business harm them? 

The charity will likely carry out some due diligence on your business too, so they may not respond to your proposal straight away. 

Working With The Women’s Centre Cornwall

The Women’s Centre Cornwall offers a wide range of free, safe, and confidential specialist support to women and girls over the age of 11 who have experienced any form of sexual and/or domestic abuse. 

We also run a helpline, an online forum, and community engagement projects to ensure we can reach all those affected.

To find out more about how you can work with us, if you feel we are the right charity for you, please email or call 01208 76466

Article by The Women’s Centre Cornwall

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