How Do You Sell A Property That Doesn’t Exist (Yet)?

When selling off-plan properties, you need an effective team of experts who all work together to collaborate on your project. And what is a property company’s recipe for success?

The answer lies in land, vision, and a team of creatives who love what they do!

Sharing The Vision

Plymouth Estate Agents, Lang Town and Country, wanted nothing but the best quality visualisation package for their client, Hiro Homes.

Their development, Boston Quays, was a waterside site with massive potential based in Orestone, Plymouth. Consisting of fifteen luxury homes all to be sold off-plan before any building work took place, Lang Town and Country were excited by the prospect of marketing this new development.

People buying a home off-plan, or those who invest in property following advice from experts such as Zaki Ameer, don’t want to worry that what they’ve paid for might never move beyond a building site. So, Hiro Homes needed buyers to be able to picture living in one of their contemporary homes. But how to project a certain lifestyle, illuminate beautiful structural design, and convey luxurious waterside living, when all you have to work with is the blank canvas of a construction site?

With the help of Paul Humphreys Architects, we were able to bring these off-plan properties to life before any of the building work even began.


A design team will know that there is a story to be told, and advise the client on the best available package to help them effectively and efficiently sell their off-plan properties.

This needs to be a package which will sit comfortably within the client’s budget, and which gets the attention of the public.

It was obvious that the Boston Quays waterside project was going to be a popular site, given its setting. But how best to promote properties that don’t yet exist? The answer lay in drone photography and film production.

We prepared an aerial montage overlooking the estuary, with sea views that were able to capture the sense of lifestyle that the client wanted to convey.

With the aerial montage completed, the next thing this development needed was a branding makeover.

Why is branding so important? Because it’s the face of your company. It tells the story of why, how, and what you do, and communicates your company’s values and purpose. In short, an effective brand will properly broadcast your identity to the world.

Loving Life On-Site

You can’t completely capture the essence and atmosphere of somewhere unless you swing by and check it out yourself – and this waterside site in Plymouth was no different.

With panoramic views across the Cattlewater towards Turchapel Marina and Plymouth Hoe, no-one in our studio wanted to miss out on the expedition!

Game Plan

With heavy competition in the property market today, successfully selling off-plan properties is more important than ever, and ensuring that you have the best visualisation and marketing company on your side will get you one step ahead of the game.

At Archilime, we are architectural visualisation specialists, so get in touch if you have a property which you need to be planned and promoted!

Written By: Jack Dicker
Archilime Visualisations

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