How To Perfectly Manage Passwords In 2021 And Beyond

Perhaps you’re still using your favourite football club as your password, or even worse, the oh-so-clever phrase of ‘Pa$$w0rd123’.

Maybe you’ve used a complicated combination of numbers and letters that you think no-one will find out, but the trouble is you keep forgetting it too! Hassle for you, and great news for hackers.

If any of the above sounds familiar, there’s good news.

The way we manage our passwords has changed, and the days of having to remember multiple different passwords for all our different applications are gone. That’s because technology has delivered a solution; enter the Password Management Tool.

A Password Management Tool is a piece of software designed to store and manage your online credentials safely. Usually, these passwords are stored in an encrypted database, and locked behind a master password.

Put simply, you download a Password Manager (there are lots out there on the market), create a single unique password for the manager tool itself, and then start logging into all your usual accounts.

The Password Manager will then ask you if you want to save the login details in your ‘vault’. By clicking yes, you’ll enjoy an autofilled log-in experience next time – not needing to remember that particular password for that particular account.

Once you’ve moved all of your account credentials into the vault, the only password you’ll ever need to remember will be your super secure management tool password.

Plus, if you’re setting up an account log-in for the first time, the Password Manager will offer to auto-create a random password for you, which will be long, alphanumeric, and essentially impossible to guess.

So, not only do Password Management Tools offer increased security measures when you’re online on any device, thereby protecting your identity, they save you loads of time too.

Of course, no piece of software is 100% free of vulnerabilities, but on this occasion, the safety benefits definitely outweigh the risks.

If you’re not yet using a Password Manager within your business, start today, and ensure that all of your staff and colleagues do the same. To make it official (and consistent), why not create a Password Management Policy, where you direct all of your team to use your preferred management tool?

Lastly, if you’re looking for a Password Manager that you can access on any device (providing you have an internet connection), then we’d recommend you look at a Cloud based tool, as opposed to a Desktop one.

Written By: Sarah Bailey
Bluegrass Group

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