How To Sell A Million Dollar Beach House

Surely it’s just a question of taking a few photographs, jotting down some bullet points and a room-by-room description of the property, whacking it on the internet, and waiting for the phone to ring, right?


That isn’t true for homes at any price point, let alone the luxury homes market. At Nest Seekers, we believe that homeowners in the UK deserve better.

There are three core components required to achieve the best price for your home: Marketing, Exposure, and Skill.

When it comes to marketing an estate, the agent you choose to represent you can have a dramatic impact on the market value of your house and surrounding land.

Plus, the strategy and method used for marketing unique, individual properties will differ from home to home.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in the luxury homes market, and each property has a different story to tell. 

Quite often, it is the lifestyle that a property affords the occupant which is as influential as the quality of fixtures and fittings.

Picking The Perfect Buyer

The exposure that an agent can offer their clients will have a big impact on the selling price of the property.

You should discuss with your agent the type of buyer that you think will be best suited to your home – create the perfect avatar, if you will.  Consider where buyers of your home might currently live, with whom, and what they are looking for in terms of a neighbourhood and social life.

We are witnessing the migration of people from cities to coastal communities, and the Nest Seekers approach is to create a marketing strategy which is bespoke to your home and ensures your access to the right type of buyer.

Leverage is key, and Nest Seekers is a global network of luxury agents with access to high and ultra-high net worth individuals across strategic marketplaces. Together with our ability to negotiate often complex transactions, customers can rest assured that they are in safe hands with our experienced agents.              

With up to 20% of house transactions across the UK taking place without the property ever hitting the open market, homebuyers’ relationships with real estate agents are changing – particularly in today’s low inventory marketplace.

Professional representation on both sides of the transaction should only improve the overall experience of the home moving process, and result in reduced levels of sale fall-throughs.

To discuss how Nest Seekers can help you through the process of moving home, contact Marc Cottrell on 07989 050429 or send an email to

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