How To Stay Organised When Working From Your Home Office

Nothing makes working from a home office more frustrating than not being able to find things when you need them.

Most business owners are busy people, meaning that wasting time on silly things like having to search for staples when your stapler runs out, or to look for your timbri when you need to sign off on documents, can prove costly.

This is why some of your time should be spent on keeping your space organised.

While the amount of office supplies you keep in your home office will depend on what types of business you’re running, as well as your budget, there are some consistent tips that will help home-based businesses of all kinds to stay organised.

– Don’t let your desk become a storage area for your supplies! Consider using a small table, chest of drawers, or bookcase to store your office supplies, and only keep a small stash on your desk ready for when you need it. In addition, when you put supplies in your storage area, make sure the tags are visible for easy identification.

– To keep your office running smoothly, make your desk the focal point of the office. All the equipment that is frequently used needs to be within easy reach of your desk chair; if you have to get up every few minutes to answer the phone, grab a note, or check the printer, you are consistently wasting time every day just on reaching for things.

Files that you are currently working on should be in easy reach, whether in a file cabinet next to your desk, or in an upright file holder on your desk or adjacent table.

Have all the files you will need for the day in easy reach at all times. Files that you are not going to touch should be stored in their proper place so they can be easily found when they are required.

– For all you caffeine addicts out there, while it may seem easier to have your coffee pot near your desk, this is not a good idea. Firstly, too much coffee can be bad for your health, as well as a contributing factor to extra bathroom breaks.

However, the primary reason is that spilling coffee on your desk and over your work is an easy thing to do that can damage important items.

In addition, everyone needs to take a break from their work now and again, and keeping the coffee pot in a separate room can force you to take a few minutes to clear your head every time you go for a refill. Then, returning to your desk with a refreshed mind can help you to see problems from a new perspective.  

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