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Without a doubt, 2020 proved to be a challenging year – especially for those working in the Hospitality and Tourism industries. As is often the case when faced with difficulties, people find new ways to think outside the box, get innovative, and move forward.

One company which has done just that is the newly formed Cornish-based gin brand G&Tea, who decided they wanted to create something truly special for gin lovers while celebrating their love of all things Cornwall.

Working with the masters at Colwith Distillery in Lostwithiel, the G&Tea team carefully created a new range of artisan tea distilled, Cornish-made gins which include: The Great Earl Gin, 80 Days Gin, and the world’s first Cornish Cream Tea Gin! 

‘It is important to us that our pure distilled gins reflect the purity of the County and represent that we have Cornish roots through and through. We wanted one of our gins to pay particular homage to where we’re based, so creating our own take on the Classic Cornish Cream Tea was something which seemed to fit perfectly’, says Director Chris Robinson-Brown.

Ploughing Their Own Furrow

The whole gin-making process is done plough-to-bottle, on a single farming estate in the glorious Cornish countryside. The team at G&Tea are big on promoting the county and what their home turf has to offer – this is reflected in their distinct range of gins.

‘Plough-to-bottle’, as the name suggests, means that the gins are made from scratch and bottled at one location.

The potatoes (one of the core ingredients used in the gin-making process) are grown on the farm, harvested, and then expertly crafted into the finest gin. Even the fresh strawberries used in the Cornish Cream Tea Gin are grown in Cornwall.

As Chris puts it:

‘We have tried to keep everything as locally-sourced as possible to support other local businesses, and to help reduce our impact on the environment. Even the water used in the gin-making process is coming from an aquifer located under the distillery.

We’re absolutely delighted that our Cornish Tea distilled gins have proved so popular with locals and tourists alike, and that it is available in so many local retailers and Farm Shops. It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but the positive drive to ‘Shop Local’ and support local businesses and artisan producers like ourselves has been overwhelming.’

Despite the challenges of 2020, the G&Tea team have succeeded in creating a pure, tea distilled gin range – including one gin which captures the taste of freshly baked scones, sweet jam, and clotted cream – without adding colours or flavourings after the distilling process.

The end result is a delicate, true-craft gin range distilled with carefully selected ingredients and botanicals – including fresh Cornish strawberries, elderberries, and hibiscus.

Brewed in small batches within copper stills, the gin makes a wonderful treat for gin lovers and offers the perfect way to enjoy a piece of Cornwall wherever you are in the world!

Press Release By: G&Tea

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