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Livestreaming has been around for years, but in general the gaming community has embraced live video much more than the rest of us have – until now.

It is incredible to see the innovation that lockdown has driven in terms of livestreaming. For example, one of my favourite livestream projects was a recent job for a client who usually travels around the world to work with their commercial partners.

As their international travel has been suspended for 12 months, they’re now having to deliver all their sales events, technical training, and other events, virtually. Their technical training is far too advanced to deliver with just a laptop camera or mobile device, so we utilised a multiple camera livestreaming setup with professional audio and video, to broadcast their technical training online in a format which was clear and visible to participants all around the world.

I’ve also spoken with many other businesses about the exciting opportunities live video offers them in this ‘new normal’. We really can reach anyone in this technological age, and livestreaming is allowing industries that perhaps thought they could never work globally, to do exactly that.

For example, I know music teachers, chefs, and training centres who are thinking of using live video to change the way they operate, and thus be able to educate people who live not just in their local area, but anywhere in
the world.

Meanwhile, the QUAY Magazine team are also keen to use livestreaming to benefit their business. I’ve heard first-hand the exciting plans they have to convert some of their office space into a photography and videography studio, complete with editing suite.

There’s even talk of them starting up a dedicated livestreaming and video broadcast channel called QUAY TV.

Watch this space!

The Value Of Livestreaming

I am so excited to see how businesses leverage livestreaming for themselves in the next few months, and I hope you are too.

It might be that they just use livestreaming to generate greater brand awareness, or to build a bigger and more engaged social media audience for their company, but there is so much more you can do with it.

For example, when we livestream, we can interact with our audience in real-time, and having the ability to respond to the feedback, questions, and opinions which come through, just as we receive them, is a huge opportunity for us as business owners.

This real-time interaction ensures our viewers are more engaged, thereby giving us more chance to sell them our products and services, and providing a bigger platform for us to show off our expertise.

Livestreaming Done Right

As we’ve discussed, live video has many benefits over traditional pre-produced video content, but it also brings its own challenges. For many people, one of those challenges is maintaining a high-quality livestreamed broadcast to a good level of consistency – particularly while using mobile devices.

How many times have you seen someone representing themselves and their business with a video of terrible quality, or with audio so bad you could barely understand them?

You wouldn’t pitch to a potential new client while wearing tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie, so why show up on your livestream with horrible lighting and audio that makes you look like  an amateur?

There are lots of great ways to get better quality video and audio streams for your Zoom meetings or Facebook Live broadcasts, so why not take the time to make your live video feeds that little bit more professional?

It could make a huge difference to your business!

Written By: Will Reddaway of WR Photography

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