Paignton Chamber Secures Mental Health First Aid Training For CentrePeace

CentrePeace is a drop-in community support centre located in the heart of Paignton. A not for profit, volunteer-led initiative, CentrePeace aims to bring together the wealth of human resources available in the town for the benefit of the local community.

In early 2020, CentrePeace was in need of some kind, courteous, and compassionate volunteers to join their team. At Paignton Chamber, when we heard that CentrePeace was searching for additional help, we knew that we  wanted to support them and ensure their success.

We had heard that the office of Alison Hernandez, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly, had some funding available to help organisations secure mental health first aid training for their volunteer staff, and we knew these resources would be very useful to CentrePeace.

After putting a proposal together, Paignton Chamber won the grant, which we used to pay for mental health first aid training to be delivered to all eight of the new volunteers that CentrePeace had recruited.

The training has helped CentrePeace to provide better support for the local community, and to provide greater assistance whenever any individuals from the local area are experiencing difficulties with their mental health.

About Paignton Chamber: Paignton and District Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to supporting and promoting the interests of local businesses and organisations – we are run by the Members, for the Members.

Our membership comprises a diverse and broad range of businesses in the Paignton area, from small sole trader companies through to many of the largest employers in the region.

Written By: Dean Kelly
Membership Chair of Paignton Chamber Of Commerce

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