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From The Plot Catering Co.

WIN a 3 course private dining experience for up to 4 people!

Let’s bring the party to you and help you celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just an evening with friends in a relaxed and professional style!

We will create a bespoke menu using the finest local ingredients and products to ensure your evening is not only memorable, but tailored to suit you perfectly.


Email your name, company, address, and phone number to win@quaymagazine.co.uk or go to our website at quaymagazine.co.uk and fill in your details on the online form.

*The prize is available anywhere in Devon, however a travel charge may apply. More guests can be added subject to Covid guidelines.

About The Plot Catering Co.

The Plot Catering Co. was founded in 2018, taking inspiration from the amazing food we grow on our allotment. Having spent over a decade in catering, it seemed natural to take the plunge and be able to create the dishes we wanted, while offering the service we would love to receive. 

From private dinner parties, afternoon tea, and children’s parties, to corporate events and weddings, whenever we plan an event we ensure that the menu is tailored to the client’s budget and the dietary needs.

There is no better taste than home-grown fruit and vegetables. If we can’t grow it ourselves, we aim to use locally grown and sourced, fresh, sustainable produce! 

We’re passionate about great food, and offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menus, while being able to cater to any other dietary requirements. 

We also ensure that we’re as ethically and environmentally aware as we can be. This means always trying to find new ways to reduce our wastage, carbon footprint, and the impact we have on the environment – both directly and indirectly.

One of our main focuses is trying to ensure that the packaging we use and receive is biodegradable, sustainable, and recycled and/or upcycled wherever possible. Even our business cards are made from recycled paper!

Alongside this, we try to ensure that the food products we use are produced locally to us or the event we are working on. By doing this, we can minimise the distance these products have to travel, while ensuring we use only the freshest of food.

At The Plot, we also strive to be as involved with our local community as we can, whether that’s through using local suppliers, or participating in charitable events. As we’re lucky enough to be based in Torquay, this means we can help out across a huge area of Torbay, Teignbridge, and Devon as a whole.

Additionally, we work closely with Feed South Devon CIC, a not-for-profit community interest company that provides food support across South Devon.

Written By: The Plot Catering Co.

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