Speeding Forwards: Mike Trower’s Double Decker Diner Project Speeds Ahead!

Lockdown may have thrown a spanner in the works for many businesses, slowing progress and creating obstacles, but Mike Trower’s Double Decker Diner project has proceeded at pace.

Mike has always had incredible support from the community and from local businesses, and this has proved truer than ever over the past few months.

From local professionals in a variety of fields such as interior design, engineering, carpentry, plumbing, electronics, welding, and more, to national market leaders such as the cleaning product manufacturer Zoflora and the electronics conglomerate Midwich, the amazing generosity of the business community has enabled the Double Decker Diner to develop rapidly, even during this most challenging of times.

Mike and his team have been working hard on the design and build stages of the double decker vehicle. New windows have been installed, carpentry work done, and in-depth planning and designs drawn up to roadmap how Mike will bring the project to completion.

Building Back Better

Converting the vehicle into the Double Decker Diner of Mike’s dreams is only one aspect of the work going on.

Plans have been created to secure sponsorships from larger, blue-chip companies, and some – such as Innocent Smoothies – have already been contacted, since the Double Decker Diner team feel that collaborations with health-conscious, socially aware enterprises will provide benefits to all involved.

These partnerships should help Mike to secure the long-term sustainability of the Double Decker Diner, and ensure that he can bring his mobile cookery school to as many of those who need it as possible.

Meanwhile, local accounting professionals have been helping Mike to restructure the banking arrangements of the Double Decker Diner project, because due to the extraordinary (and very humbling) amount that the public have donated to help the project come to life, it has been necessary to arrange the finances in a more organised, transparent, and specialised fashion.

Getting the banking procedures set up like this also means that Mike will soon be able to submit professional bids for funding and grants, so he can access additional income sources that will allow his vision for the Double Decker Diner to grow and blossom even more than it already has.

Mike is also on the lookout for a local student, professional, or freelancer to donate some time and help edit the footage of the build that he’s collecting, so if you’re excited by what Mike and his team are working on and want to get involved, please do reach out to him!

Preparing For Launch

If everything proceeds as planned, building work on the Double Decker Diner should be complete by the coming summer.

With this in mind, Mike is aiming to officially launch his finished, functioning, and first-rate mobile cookery school on the first weekend of the school summer holidays – i.e. July 24th and 25th 2021.

Work on the launch event has already begun, so if you’d like to attend and share in the moment that Mike Trower unveils his mobile cookery school to the world, stay tuned for more updates from the Double Decker Diner team!

Written By: New Frontiers Marketing and the Double Decker Diner
Photography By: Poppy Jakes Photography

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