The Benefits Of Cloud Accounting And How It Helped Me Get Through Lockdown


I run a bookkeeping service for sole traders and small businesses.


I get to know my clients and pride myself on being friendly, approachable, and available whenever they need me, so in March, when Boris announced that the country had to go into lockdown, I was worried.

I knew I would be unable to visit my clients every month to pick up their paperwork as I usually do.

Thankfully, I use Cloud accounting software and Cloud data capture tools. So instead of physically picking up the paperwork, I was able to get my clients set up to scan their invoices and receipts onto the Cloud data software, while also collecting any signatures I needed digitally through apps such as This enabled me to process data into the accounting software, without having to carry out in-person visits.

The benefit of using Cloud accounting software is that you can view your financial information on your PC, MAC, tablet, or phone – anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can also import your bank statements daily so that you keep on top of your cash flow and stock systems easily and securely, to ensure that your business runs smoothly during this turbulent time.

My clients and I can access data simultaneously, without having to be in the same location, as many systems offer multiple user roles – this allows for different levels of user access.

As well as accounting, I am able to process payroll and to pay employees through Cloud accounting software. With simple and instant Real Time Information reporting to HMRC, it also helps businesses to stay compliant.

As the software is Cloud-based, there is no need to buy expensive software, install upgrades, or pay maintenance fees. The privacy and security of your data is taken care of and stored on the software’s secure servers, which are backed up daily. This means that even if your computer is lost or stolen, your data is safe!

​The Cloud accounting software I use is Xero.

Xero is the leading online accounting system for small businesses, and it is my software of choice. I for one, use it to manage my own accounts, as well as those of my clients.

Thanks to the digital age I have also been able to keep in touch with my clients via video call, as well as the usual means of telephone, email, and text/WhatsApp. Using video, I can share my screen in order to talk them through what the numbers mean, and how they can budget to see them through these tough times.

If it hadn’t been for Cloud accounting, my business would have stopped completely throughout lockdown. Making these changes not only kept my business going, but they also allowed me to work with people further afield.

Going forward, working remotely with clients is a main priority of mine; one which is made possible by Cloud accounting.

About the Author: I am a Xero Bronze partner and a Xero Certified Advisor in accounting and payroll. I am also passionate about Xero, and the vast eco-system of add-ons that make Xero such a powerful game-changer for small business.

If you would like to find out more on how I can help your business, or if you’ve found that your accountant/bookkeeper has disappeared during the pandemic, please feel free to drop me an email at

Written By: Jaime Bolton
JR Bookkeeping Services

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