The BOOM In Animation And What It Means For Your Business

The animation industry is booming. Animation continues to top the box-office as one of the most commercially successful forms of entertainment, engaging a wide range of audiences from children, to adults, to elders.

But its uses go far beyond just film and television. Animation is now revolutionising business too!

Why Is Animation Booming?

One of the reasons behind the recent growth in the animation industry is the global COVID-19 pandemic. Animation is one of the few genres in which production did not have to be halted due to social distancing and lockdown measures. Productions could be completed safely from home, and in many cases, companies could function entirely via remote working. For example, actors did not have to be in the same room to record their lines of dialogue, and animators could often work from their home computers, liaising with clients virtually.

This meant that while other productions were being stopped in their tracks, costing companies vast quantities of money, animation could continue without a hitch. It also filled the gap for many television schedules and streaming services, who were hungry for additional content while consumers were stuck at home and relying on them for entertainment — but who were also limited by the fact that no new productions could be released until filming had been resumed and completed.

Animation to the rescue! And unlike many unfortunate businesses, animation has proved to be almost pandemic-proof.

Meanwhile, many viewers who may previously have considered animation to be ‘just for kids’ have been newly exposed to it, through a wide variety of animated films, tv shows, advertisements, and more. This has created a renewed interest in animation — for adults, for advertisers, for educators, and for businesspeople

Versatility, Uses, & Engagement

Animation has proved itself to be a resilient industry. Much of that may be due to the fact it is such a versatile medium. Animation can serve a wide range of businesses and industries — from entertainment, to education, advertising, and more.

The online marketplace especially may be highly lucrative, but it is also particularly crowded. An increasing amount of offers, ‘pop up’ adverts, and other content is competing for our attention, and studies show that our attention span may even be decreasing as a result.

That’s why it is more important than ever to stand out — engaging your audience, sustaining their attention, and getting your point across quickly and effectively. This is where animation can help. It is a vibrant and attractive medium that is highly customisable, and easy to adapt to a wide range of tones and businesses.

Animation is ideal for a variety of purposes, platforms, and audiences. The most advanced and exciting forms can even animate in real time, adding a layer of fun and engagement to live streams, speeches, and Q & A sessions, for example, by having an animated character deliver a speaker’s words in real time.

Companies like Digital Puppets use these techniques by relying on the very latest software and industry innovations. This can digitise some of the most expensive and time-consuming animation processes — such as lip syncing — thereby slashing production time and making animation more affordable and accessible than ever.

Animation is now an exceptionally popular medium not just in film and television, but also in learning environments, social media platforms, live streaming, video conferences, business websites, and more.

How Can Animation Help Your Business

Animation can be used to create striking designs, advertisements, announcements, tutorials and more, to elevate your message and engage your audience.

Animation can be used on social media accounts to create engaging and dynamic short videos or characters, for example. It can also add an extra element to your business’ YouTube videos, or be used to create instructional videos that are both entertaining and educational.

Learning environments (whether formal or informal) can also benefit, no matter if they’re educating children, adults, or a combination of both. Many have already livened up their conference calls by adding an animated avatar, or conducted a streamed Q&A which features an animated character.

Businesses can use animation to create advertisements, announcements, or even their very own animated show. It is a dynamic and uniquely engaging way to interact with your audience, hold their attention, and form a genuine connection.

Animation may currently be experiencing a surge in popularity, but it has also proved and sustained its popularity over time. This is because it can engage a wide range of ages and demographics across a diverse range of platforms — both online and in real-time.

Animation is currently trendy, but as a tool for engagement, entertainment, education, and business, it’s also here to stay!

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