Why Would You Start A Company In The Middle Of A Global Pandemic?

Because sometimes, you have to be part of the change you wish to see.

The Concept

Evolve Cleaning had been a concept for over a year, if not longer, when the business was finally launched in October 2020. It was while driving and listening to the Chris Evans Breakfast Show that the idea of an eco-friendly cleaning company was originally born.

As is often the way, it took a while for the ideas to form, and several were bounced back and forth until we finally got the confidence to make the jump.

We were not sure what the company would look like, what we would offer, or how much it would cost, and all those details are still taking shape!

Why Go Eco-Friendly?

Having young children who are more aware of environmental health than most members of the older generations, is somewhat sobering. I don’t ever recall learning about the planet when I was young; the closest thing I can remember was watching Captain Planet – which I have to admit was one of my favourites.  

We recycle at home and attempt to minimise our waste, but we also understand that this takes effort. So by giving people back their time, by smartening up their homes and businesses, and by doing it all without impacting the Earth, we figured everyone would be a winner!  

When it comes to starting a company which is based solely on eco-friendly products, one quickly realises how many suitable resources are out there – and how little attention they get from the media and from the general public.  

During our product research, we shortlisted a handful of companies with a range of specialisms – be it cloths, cleaning products, or the equipment itself.

The equipment was the hardest to source, but after much effort we finally found fully-recycled cleaning utensils! Maintaining the eco-friendly USP was vital, so we went to great pains to ensure we selected the appropriate tools for the job.

Our services allow people to make a choice. We are not on a crusade to turn everyone into zero waste eco-warriors (although that’s not a bad goal to have), but we’re realistic. What’s important to us, and indeed to our customers, is making small changes where we can.

A Royal Initiative

Prince William, alongside several collaborators, has started a movement called ‘Earth Shots’ to ensure that over the next decade, we as humans recognise the enormous impact we have had on this planet, and work to repair some of the damage we’ve caused.

The name Earth Shots is a nod towards President John F. Kennedy, who in the 1950s gave his project to put a man on the moon the name of ‘Moon Shots’. He was doubted, as his critics said it was impossible. But as we all know, he succeeded.

With the Earth Shots project shining a light on the ecological crisis, we want to be a part of this global change. We are hoping that we can harness some of the increased awareness of environmental issues to encourage customers old and new to adopt more sustainable household practices.

After all, if a virus can spread so quickly, so can the desire to heal the planet.

 Written By: David and Stacey,
Directors of Evolve Cleaning  

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