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Week 20th-26th April

‘Carpet Cleaning…what!?’ was the reaction from an old colleague. Read more

Britain is a nation of fearless entrepreneurs, but the likes of Richard Branson and James Dyson didn’t go from rags to riches instantly. Branson needed a £300 loan to get his first magazine up and running after dropping out of school at the age of 16… Read more

My family was looking for a big run-down house, so that my mum could live with my brother, my sister and their children. My sister sent me the details for this amazing massive house, which I think had 13 bedrooms at the time. I turned over the page and there were three African Lions… Read more

Week 13th-19th April

David Collins Book Reviews

Businesses can be like nature – either growing or dying, but never standing still. One of the simplest and cheapest ways of developing yourself and your business is by reading a great book… Read more

Who is John Pomeroy?

Just an ordinary guy, really. I fell in love with Cornwall as a teenager, coming here with a bunch of friends for a two week surfing holiday in Hayle, loving the place and staying for 6 weeks, finding any way we could to fund the next week’s camping fee and subsistence… Read more

The Importance of Great Customer Service

Great customer service can set you apart from your competitors, and for tradesmen especially, this can be crucial!… Read more

Week 6th-12th April

TDA Business Support

November saw the opening of Chloe Clements’ fantastic new premises – Chloe’s Studio, a makeup studio and beauty salon based in Torquay… Read more

Alex Interviews: Sean from WeSUP

Alex: Hi Sean, can you tell us a bit about your business?
Sean: My business is born out of our roots as a stand-up paddleboard specialist… Read more

Cook Up More Business For Yourself

Here is something to consider: A professional photographer is like a Michelin-star restaurant, while an amateur photographer is like a fast food takeaway.What on earth do I mean? Well… Read  more

Week 30th-5th March/April

5 Skills You'll Need To Thrive in the 2020s Workplace

The workplace is changing. We’ve just entered a new decade, and that could mean dramatic shifts — both personally and professionally… Read more

The Rise of Co-Working

With co-working spaces becoming increasingly common, what is the attraction and do they all offer the same benefits?… Read more

You should definitely speak to strangers

Braving the dreaded room… You step into a room full of strangers, with the distinct sensation that they somehow know each other. They look up at you as you enter, but then return to their conversations… Read more

March 2020

  • Branding Photography –  Read Here
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  • The rise of cowering – Read Here

January 2020

  • Investing In Creative Video Marketing – Read Here
  • Charity Begins At Home – Read Here
  • Build Your Community – Read Here
  • Twitter Ain’t Dead – Read Here
  • What A Blog Can Do For Your Business – Read Here
  • Marketing That Succeeds – Read Here
  • Let’s Get Personal – Read Here
  • Why Case Studies Are Important For Your Business – Read Here
  • What Is Attention Splatter – Read Here
  • Give Your Business A Single Minded Focus – Read Here
  • How Can Networking Help Your Business – Read Here
  • Business Support – Read Here
  • Windows 7 End Of Support – Read Here

February 2020

  • Alex Interveiws Alex – Read Here
  • A LinkedIn Group – Read Here
  • Make The Most Out Of Your Website In 2020 – Read Here
  • Packing Up To Profit- Read Here
  • I Am A Woman Here Me Roar – Read Here
  • Tips For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Read Here
  • Ready To Fall In L.O.V.E With 2020 – Read Here
  • Photography, Photos, Snap Shots & Selfies – Read Here
  • Posture, Pain & Performance
  • Road To Net-Zero Carbon – Read Here
  • Alex Interviews – Sea Arch – Read Here
  • Top Tips For Getting Your Music Out There – Read Here
  • Cyber Crime And How To Stay Safe Online

November 2019

  • Build Your Community – Read Here
  • Understanding Public Relations – Read Here
  • Getting the best out of LinkedIn – Read Here
  • Take your time.. – Read Here
  • A great BIG revolution – Read Here
  • Digital Puppets – Read Here
  • The introvert’s guide – Read Here
  • Made in South Devon – Read Here 
  • The Hospitality Angle – Read Here
  • Building For The Future – Read Here

December 2019

  • Planning your exit? – Read Here
  • Calypso Coffee –  Read Here
  • Card payment services – Read Here
  • Top Tips for Small Business owners – Read Here
  • Interior Designer – Read Here
  • Business Support – Read Here
  • The Hospitality Angle – Read Here
  • Top Tips for Small Business owners – Read Here
  • Interior Designer – Read Here
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