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The Co-working and collaboration Edition

In business, competition is a major talking point, but something that is often overlooked  is the power of collaboration.

Most businesses need to collaborate with others on a daily basis; just think of your relationships with suppliers, professional service providers, and those who you advertise with. Whether you outsource any part of your operations to external providers, or whether you pitch your services to other businesses, almost no companies at all can operate without the input of others.

There are plenty of other benefits to collaborating with other businesses too. For example, those that work together to generate increased footfall on the high street may encourage consumers to shop at small local businesses instead of larger out-of-town chain stores. This helps to build a more diverse local economy and means local entrepreneurs have a stronger base to work from when starting out.

Here at QUAY Magazine, we believe that building collaborative networks between local businesspeople should be made easier. That’s why, in this Co-Working And Collaboration Edition, we’ve put together several articles focused on how to encourage greater collaboration and co-working between SMEs. 

Many businesses have shared their experiences and their knowledge, so read on to gain advice, inspiration, and some new connections! 


  1. The QUAY Team
  2. An Introduction To Successful Networking
  3. How COVID-19 Changed The Way We Work
  4. A Myriad Of Questions Answered
  5. WIN Hotdesking/Co-working Space
  6. When A Team Comes Together!
  7. Transporting You To Late Italian Summers
  8. The Sky’s The Limit With Balloons!
  9. How To Build A Community
  10. Meet The Maker! With Simon Hulstone
  11. The First Sales Meeting With Your Perfect Client
  12. Case Study: Bombay Express
  13. Kickstarting My Career
  14. TDA Case Study
  15. Do You Eat Lunch At Your Desk?
  16. Distressed Businesses Must Seek Help
  17. What Are Reasonable Steps?
  18. Building A Better Directory
  19. Breaking Down Barriers
  20. Are You Shutting People Out?
  21. Cyber Essentials – The Ultimate Guide
  22. Sustainably Comfortable
  23. Grass Roots Sport
  24. QUAY Book Review


Quay Magazine

Quay Magazine

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