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The Arts & Culture Edition!

As a team of graphic designers, writers, web designers, editors, and photographers, the arts are a subject close to our hearts.

We have seen first-hand how the pandemic has impacted the creative sectors – but also how artists have become more flexible in their working practices and adapted to the changing tides.

As a matter of necessity, most cultural and creative sectors had to learn how to operate in the digital world, and many had to evolve by improving their skills in areas such as resilience and effective remote communication.

By embracing these changes, and by creative businesses becoming more accessible through improved email and phone communication, these companies may become more competitive and more able to appeal to new national and international markets through use of the internet, social media, and other online mediums.

Taking more businesses remote and online may also create greater flexibility in working hours for those with diverse needs, while reducing the need to commute for many – thereby decreasing traffic emissions and helping to create a more sustainable future for us all.

Let’s not feel overwhelmed or defeated by the challenges of lockdown. Instead, as it eases, let us consider this a turning point, a time to take stock of all we have learned, and a chance to plan for a brighter future for all businesses – no matter what industry they operate in.


4.  The QUAY Team
5.  Alex Interviews: James Twigger
8.  5 Ways To Boost Creativity
11.  Getting Fit To Rock Hits!
14.  The Reality Of Business Reviews
16.  QUAY Competition:  The Plot Catering Co.
19.  Connect With Your Customers Remotely!
22.  Meet The Maker! With Lauren Heath
26.  How Do The Creative Industries Contribute?
30.  Devon Mind & Step One Announce Collaboration
33.  Predicting Future Trends In Recruitment
38.  What Is The Future For Leadership?
40.  Bombay Express’ SMART New  Approach!
43.  Finding Your Spark!
46.  Case Study: Margo’s
48.  Presentation Design Matters!
52.  The Rise Of Idle Games Club
55.  The Future Of The Office
58.  4 Reasons To Migrate To Microsoft Azure
61.  Devon Youth Chamber Brass Launched
64.  Hiking Challenge In Aid Of Children’s Hospice
67.  Hayley Helps: A Myriad Of Questions Answered
70.  The Impact Of Redundancy
72.  Bringing Your Business Out Of Lockdown
75.  Can Customers Hear Your Voice?
78.  Outset Cornwall Launches New Podcast
80.  The Beginner’s Guide To Sales Funnels
84.  QUAY Networking
86.  The Return Of Face-To-Face Networking


Quay Magazine

Quay Magazine

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