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The Charities Edition

Charities have been the backbone of UK society since as early as 597 AD.

While we now take for granted modern advantages such as universal schooling and healthcare that’s free at the point of use – along with welfare benefits and council housing when we fall on hard times – for much of history, charities were the backbone of keeping people fed, clothed, and sheltered.

Many charities are now taking on additional responsibilities, tackling complex issues such as mental health, disability, homelessness, chronic illnesses, support for carers, and provision for children’s extracurricular activities.

You may be asking, ‘That’s all well and good, but what does this have to do with business?’

The answer to that, is everything.

Nowadays, many consumers are looking to make more ethical buying choices, so working with – and making donations to – a charity will give your business a strong selling point to attract customers.

And by doing your bit to help, not only will you encourage others to do theirs, but by supporting a charity that represents you and your company, you can promote the values that are most crucial to you.

So as you read through this charities edition of QUAY Magazine, why not consider how you could connect with some local good causes and begin a beautiful partnership?


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Quay Magazine

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