Torbay #01 Nov/Dec – Printed Copy


After a year of planning and a fair few false starts, we are beyond excited that the very first issue of QUAY Magazine has finally made it to print. This achievement brings you a collection of inspirational business stories, top tips for business growth and networking events in and around Torbay, all of which have been packed into this one publication. So how did QUAY Magazine get to print? Well, that was the result of some sheer determination and the collaborative efforts of a wonderful team who have all worked together to bring Torbay a new way to develop and grow, and to inspire others in business.


Page 2 . Networking Events
Page 3 . Introduction and Contents
Page 4 . The Quay Team
Page 5 . Understanding PR Article
Page 9 . Top Tips for LinkedIn
Page 14 . Taking photos for Social Media Article
Page 17 . A Great BIG Revolution Interview
Page 20 . Digital Puppets Article
Page 22 . The Introverts Guide to Selling
Page 26 .  Made in South Devon Interview
Page 28 . Top Tips for Business Owners
Page 30 . Interior Designer Article
Page 32 . Business Support – Case Study
Page 33 . Business Support – TDA
Page 35 . The Hospitality Angel Article
Page 36 . Top Tips for Planning Your Exit
Page 39 . Calypso Coffee Interview
Page 42 . Card Payment Services Article
Page 42 . Prestige Super Car Competition


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