Torbay #03 Mar/Apr – Printed copy


We are beyond excited that the third edition of Quay Magazine Torbay made it to print alongside Cornwall’s very first edition! Within these pages, we’re bringing you a collection of inspirational business stories, top tips for business growth, and the details of networking events taking place all around the region.


Page 4. The Quay Team
Page 5. Alex Interviews: Sean of WeSup
Page 8. Great Customer Service
Page 11. How We Came To Own A Zoo
Page 13. Dartmoor Zoo Competition
Page 14. Showing That Your Company Cares
Page 17. Alex Interviews: Jon Of BBX
Page 20. TDA Business Support
Page 22. Evolving With The Times
Page 24. Branding Photography
Page 27. Is A Business Sign Really That Important?
Page 28. Continuity And Crisis Management
Page 30. Minority Shareholders
Page 32. Welcome To The Era of the Drone
Page 34. Describe Your Value
Page 36. How to Combat Tech-Neck
Page 37. The Rise Of Co-Working
Page 40. Five Skills To Thrive In The 2020s
Page 42. Starting Up And Looking Forward
Page 44. Coffee With A Cause
Page 46. Tech Tasters
Page 47. David Collins: Book Reviews
Page 50. So, You Want To Be A Landlord?
Page 52. Speak To Strangers!
Page 54. Managing Time As A Freelancer
Page 56. Jack-Of-All-Trades: Master Of Them All?
Page 58. Cook Up More Business For Yourself
Page 60. Simple Steps to Selling
Page 62. Blogging For Your Business


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