Online #03 New Normal – Digital Copy



4 .The QUAY Team
5 .Stuff Surviving! Let’s Get Thriving
10 .Alex Interviews: Eleanor
14 .Flowers, Quizzing And Regenerations
16 .Case Study: Bay Deliveries
19 .Torbay’s Hi-Tech Companies
21 .Permanent Health Insurance Schemes
24 .Using Drones In Industry
28 .How To Thrive In The New Normal
33 .Cashflow Q&A
36 .Avoiding Back Pain
38 .The BOOM In Animation
40 .Want To Get Paid To Be A Good Networker
42 .Adapting To Survive During Lockdown
45 .A Hidden Road To Recovery?
51 .Networking In The ‘New Normal’
53 .Engineering South West Connections
54 .The Key To Successful Marketing
56 .Mission Statement


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