Small Investment…Big Return!

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Small Investment...BIG Return!

Written By: David Collins

Businesses can be like nature – either growing or dying, but never standing still.


One of the simplest and cheapest ways of developing yourself and your business is by reading a great book. And there are some big hitters out there where people share really good advice about what works, and what doesn’t.


If you’re willing to make a small investment of time and money in buying and reading some high-quality business literature, here are some of my recommendations.


If You’re Thinking:


“I’m an expert in the business, but need help working on the business…”



The E Myth Revisited, by Michael E. Gerber

• Addressing the fatal assumption that doing the technical work will also run the business

• Changing yourself from technician to manager – to change your business

• Being clear on the processes needed to fill the gap between where you are now and your vision.

If You’re Thinking:


“What will help keep me motivated…?”



Drive, by Daniel Pink

• Understanding the 3 basic levels of motivation

• The benefit of distinguishing between Goals and Mastery

• Business profit, versus business purpose – committing to a cause greater than yourself!

If You’re Thinking:

“I want to feel more in control, and more effective in life…”



The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey

• Being pro-active, and responsive, as opposed to being a victim

• You’re climbing the ladder fast, but is it against the right wall?

• Listening to understand, and creating wins or no deals, every time

If You’re Thinking:


“I want the clarity that comes from my business being great at just one thing…”



Good To Great, by Jim Collins

• The Hedgehog concept – doing ‘One Thing’ really well

• Creating a culture of discipline so that everything in the business is aligned with the ‘One Thing’

• Face the brutal facts regarding the people and the process from this viewpoint

If You’re Thinking:


“I want to set my day up for the best possible start…”



The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod

• Waking up on purpose, with the perfect amount of sleep

• The first hour being the rudder for the rest of the day

• Building the success stories that result in ‘level tens’ for you, everywhere

If You’re Thinking:


“I want to streamline everything we do around here…”




Traction, by Gino Wickman

• Being clear on your rocks – and the structures to support those priorities

• Create your ABC way – clarity in our processes, products and services

• Creating the accountability to follow through on this

If You’re Thinking: 

“I want to have a clear ultimate destination for my business…”



Built To Sell, by John Warrilow

• The ‘end in mind’ clarity which will create certainty and purpose, versus swimming upstream

• Specialising in one thing that you’re the world’s best at

• Letting the universe know you’re serious by naming, standardising and repeating one valuable thing – and saying no to everything else

If You’re Thinking: 


“I want to be more effective at what I do – versus efficient at doing lots…”



The Four Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss

• Being more effective in four hours, as opposed to getting lots done 9 to 5 every day

• See that ‘less is more’ through present state awareness

• Bring forward mini-retirements

If You’re Thinking: 


“Is there an alternative to ‘grow or die’ for my business..?”




Small Giants, by Bo Burlingham

• Keeping the business healthy and shaped by forces inside, not outside, the business

• Staying connected to the business mojo – like the main source of a river, ignoring the tributaries

• Creating wealth as a by-product of an intimate 2-way relationship with your community

If You’re Thinking:

“I want more quality inbound sales leads for my business…” (who doesn’t!)



They Ask You Answer, by Marcus Sheridan

• Selling by being the most trusted voice in your industry

• Impress by producing content which addresses your ideal customer’s fears, wants, enquiries and needs

• Create a filter, and save time so that 70%+ of enquiries you receive have already been pre-sold to, and are ready to buy when they contact you

If You’re Thinking:


“I want to stay more positive, more of the time…”


The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon

• How to be clear and create positive energy

• What happens when you feed, or fuel, this positivity

• Thoughts about this are magnetic – what we think and speak about, we attract

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