Why Advertise In QUAY Magazine?

Print advertising is all about raising profiles, widening reach, and making an impact on potential customers. Magazines keep us connected, engage people, and function as a rich source of useful information.

Here’s a few reasons to consider advertising in a magazine:

1. Reach Your Target Market
Magazine advertising is an ideal way to speak directly to your potential customers when they are interested and most engaged.

2. Branding Benefits
Being in QUAY Magazine is a fantastic way of getting your brand seen by potential customers!

3. Get Noticed
A printed magazine will stay on a coffee table, in an office, or in a reception area for months at a time. Often until the next edition is published.

The magazine will also be shared with others, meaning your advert will be seen by a wide and valuable audience.

4. Build Reader Confidence
Some people are uncertain of information that they see online, and trust printed publications more. This means they are more likely to trust printed advertising above online promotions.

5. Staying Power
Printed advertising is tried and tested over generations. People recognise its value, which is why print has survived and prospered for centuries.

6. Always On-Hand There’s plenty of ways to attract attention, whether it is on websites or through social media. But sitting down with a magazine and a drink is different; this is a time to relax and engage with the print – free of distractions.

Which means this offers the perfect opportunity for advertisers! 

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